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    Just wrapping up a GuitarPCB “Sabotage” circuit today. Really like the toanz. The only thing of note is that the ‘Range’ control calls for a C500K pot, but . . . .  with that taper, the Range only seems to take effect after about 3 o’clock on the sweep. So I’m going to swap it out for a B500K and see if that resolves the limited sweep of the ‘Range’ control.


    Here’s the Photoshop mockup. (I’m waiting to finish a couple other builds before I do a candy wrapper session.)


    A finished gutshot . . . . (Instead of using a 1N4001 for D1, I ran the +9 from the DC jack to the 3PDT Wiring PCB, then flew a 1N5817 in series to the main PCB. And no need for R28 when using the LED on the 3PDT Wiring PCB.)


    The finished pedal (pre-decal) . . .


    And a build process shot . . .  (I wanted the vertical spacing between the controls a little closer together to better fit a 1590B enclosure, so I mangled the leads of the pots to get them positioned just right.


    Thanks for looking. Happy building!

    Paul Eliasson

    Fantastic! I built a couple for myself and a friend, both with Afterblasters. Let me know your findings with the B500K pot on the range control; I’m interested in hearing your results.






    I love this. A simple Black and White is perfect for a Sabbath Themed pedal.

    I will very much need to steal this 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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