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    I’m diggin it. Beyond crunchy. I’d like to build a slightly milder version of the Sabotage – I run it at like 15% gain or less to get the crunch that sounds “Sabbath-Like” to me, with or without the boost before or after. The boost, IMO, does an awesome job of shaping the signal, either before or after the distortion. I painted it loud and obnoxious (emphasis on the NOXIOUS) with “oxblood” with hot pink over it, but the pink got thinned out when I hit it with clear, and got kinda nasty. Knobs are yellow and orange with matching LEDs to differentiate the different circuits. I got that idea from the King of Tone, in fact this was meant to be a kind of extreme (yet different) variety of that type of pedal. I’d like to do this same pedal with a Blues Buster or MKC circuit. I like the growl of the Sabotage though, I think it is a better tone as far as the break up is concerned, compared to my MKC. Maybe it is the transistors, I’m not well educated in the different types of overdrives.




    Nice a very unique look I like it

    You know everybody’s gonna ask for a gutshot don’t you? Don’t disappoint now Michael!

    I’ve stolen quite a few ideas from people’s gutshots



    Gut shot in the post below:


    This is kind of a follow-on from a previous thread I made. My apologies, I thought I had put the other post in the “help me!” section as I was having issues with the build.



    Scott Preston

    Nice build and an interesting finish.  Thanks for sharing.



    Our Easy Order Switching boards take combo builds to the next level.

    So much versatility in a compact pedal. Thanks for sharing.



    Barry – speaking of that, when do you think you’ll have them back in stock?



    Both the 3PDT Toggle version and the 4PDT version w/ LED are available in a limited supply. There are also 4PDT foot switches available as well for the 4PDT version. The foot switches are only available in the US due to thickness.



    Thanks Barry!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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