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    Cliff Fulton

    Diagrams with 2 foot switchs show the connection for the

    in & out jack signal but nothing for the sleeve or ground?


    That diagram only shows the signal connections.  Use the previous diagram to show sleeve and ground connections.  Both of these are ground connections that can be routed to any ground point.

    Cliff Fulton

    <div dir=”ltr”>Sorry, still don’t see that particular diagram</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>Attached original combo diagram from Red Special kit build guide</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>Added the power connections and jack sleve but just wanted to know</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>if looks ok, or are sleves wrong</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>Just trying to get it right the first time</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”></div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>Thanks Again</div>
    <div dir=”ltr”>Cliff Fulton</div>


    The diagrams on page 2 and page 3 of the build documents show connections for the input jack sleeve as well as the battery ground.


    Wiring the in and out jacks is always the same. see the guide below.

    The only thing that is optional depends on the individual builder in that you may use whatever GROUND sources you like as we have provided many for you to choose from. The closest Grounds to the Jack can go to each Jack sleeve.

    Your wiring looks fine and those are grounds that you have connected to sleeve. Common grounding is up to the particular builder’s wiring needs. You could just use the Grounds at the In/Out of the Red Special just like in the image above. The T Pads go to Tip and the Pads beside them go to sleeve aka; Ground. Many ways to do the same thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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