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    I posting because I don’t want to waste another MonGoosed board if I don’t have to. I’ve tried to successfully build this twice before, once when I was new to the DIY building world, and once a year later. Upon finishing neither have fired for me, so I trying to get some ideas to head-off another failure!! Since Bourne Trimmers won’t fit, I have others for Tayda that fit well. They set above the board a few mms. Are the voltages for the elect. caps important, and where these days can I find a 13V 2U2? I’ve been building now for over 3 years, and I have 300+ builds under my belt. If there’s any other “tweaks” that is NOT included on the build doc, could someone please give me a heads-up?

    Thank you


    Answer to main question about Voltage:

    Voltage is about physical size and also to make sure you have at least your 9v power supply covered. Voltages on old build docs were listed to prevent people from ordering very large parts and is not meant that you buy a particular voltage for any reason as it simply does not not matter. It is only meant as a minimum guideline. In other words 13v to 63v covers your power supply and your Components will all be Pedal Size. (see the Guides Page for detailed reading covering this).


    Answer to question about where to find Guidance beyond the basic build document:


    See the two images below so you can easily find the Guides Page links:

    Image 1:

    This one is on the Forum Home Page:


    Image 2:

    This one is on our Home Page at GuitarPCB.com:


    Post a trouble shoot thread and we are glad to help.



    +1 as Barry says voltages, tolerance etc for parts are in the Beginners Guide to effects pedal components

    If you still have your previous build post a troubleshoot with clear pictures you may be able to rescue it

    It’s always better to post if your build doesn’t fire up that way you’ll learn why and hopefully avoid the same problem with future builds

    I too have built many pedals with my last one I wired the DC jack in reverse a basic error fortunately I didn’t fry it when I plugged it in its a constant learning process for all of us so always better to find out why it didn’t work, solve it and learn






    Ok… I use LP ele caps. I assumed the voltage was related to the sound, so that’s why I was sticking close to the build doc. specs. I’ve got 25V to 50V in these ranges. I guess you’re telling me that using those are fine, yes?



    The basic rule of thumb we use for electrolytic capacitors is to use a voltage rating that is 1 1/2 times the voltage it may receive.  The circuit boards are designed to physically hold a capacitor that will fit that size or slightly larger.

    If you wish to learn this and other useful build tips, we suggest you RTFM.  This means “Read the Fabulous Manuals”  Barry posts on the forum.  There is a wealth of useful information for all builders regardless of your experience level.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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