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    I moved this thread manually to the Support section:

    Hi there –

    new to the forum –

    just built a ratt. Everythings fine on battery, (isolated) power supply (9V) creates a ground hum. Is there a troubleshoot somewhere on your site?



    achim wollscheid



    Hi and welcome:

    1. This is the support section. I moved it for you. See the Photo from the Forum Home Page below:


    2. If the pedal works fine when using a battery this automatically rules out the the Main Circuit of problems.

    I would check the wiring on the JACKs. I cannot help further from the photo provided.

    Check your wiring closely with the photo below which is the same for all builds:



    I see you have the build mounted in a plexiglass enclosure.  That has no shielding from RF or other outside interference.  If a transformer is nearby, that could leak hum into your circuit.  Just guessing here.



    Are BOTH input and output jacks grounded? Check ALL grounding. Any clear close-up shots of the guts? (Solder & component sides?)

    And as Wilkie pointed out, a non-conductive enclosure exposes the circuit to outside EM forces.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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