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    Pete had no acquaintances here at GuitarPCB, only conversations, hundreds of them.  And once a conversation had been engaged, a friendship was born. Those of you who knew him will remember his generous nature in the sharing of his time and knowledge with all of us.

    For those of us who knew him, talked to him online, received helpful advice or just lurked while reading his thoughtful replies and contributions, I am certain we will all miss him very much.

    For those that did not know him or would simply like to reminisce you can still do so by visiting our old forum which is active at the old GuitarPCB WEBs account. Feel free to enjoy his old Photo Gallery collection. Simply browsing through his photos is both an adventure and a learning experience.

    Here are a few photos I would like to post here to honor our friend:


    Pete’s very first build


    The infamous table top combo build


    Pete’s MKC or Modified Klon Circuit.


    Pete was famous for using food boxes for testing circuit before committing to the enclosure.


    Note the excellent hand writing below. Something we have lost IMHO.


    Pete will be missed very much. He was not only a Moderator but someone I could talk to when I was strained from the complexities of being a “sole parent” to two young children or just having a buddy to discuss records, bands or new circuit ideas.

    If you have a story to share or wish to leave a comment please do so below.

    God Bless Pete and his family.




    Well said, Barry.  I was shocked today when I received a call from Pete’s son.  Although we knew he had been ill, it was heart-breaking to learn of his passing.

    Pete was always eager to help whenever someone had an issue with a pedal build.  He had an uncanny ability to spot a wrong resistor value or a wiring error in a picture.  He had an amazing enthusiasm to learn about effects circuits.  Pete contributed many great ideas and helpful suggestions for members.  I could always call him for assistance with difficult problems.

    It is people like Pete that have made this GUITARPCB community so enjoyable.  I miss him already.


    Hard to believe

    What a massive loss to us all

    Pete was an absolute gentleman always willing to guide and help everyone always coming up with great innovative ideas I used to enjoy our little competitive bits of banter trying to answer support issues first he usually left me in his wake

    He was an absolute  top guy and definitely made it feel like a little community

    I’m gonna miss Pete nothing was too much for him I’m truly saddened that our ever present friend isn’t going to grace us with his vast knowledge, humour and selflessness I hope his family are OK and Pete is off to a much better place where he deserves to be

    RIP mate catch you later


    What can I say that will do this man justice? He, and so many others here, cared enough to help me out with all kinds of strange questions, issues and problems. Selfless guys like Pete are a big reason I am in business today.

    Thank you, Pete for all the time you poured into n00bs and strangers. We have not only lost a wonderful man, but a friend, and the world is a poorer place for it. Rest well, friend.


    This is a huge blow to the community and my heart is heavy. While I didn’t know Pete personally, I feel like I knew him. He inspired me to do better and build higher knowing we’re more than what we make. But from one hobbyist to another I can say thank you for making my life a little bit better.


    Pete was always there for us whether for inspiration, knowledge or just a spot of humor. He will be missed very much by the community that has grown to respect and love him. If any of Pete’s kindness rubbed off on me I feel very lucky to be able to pass it forward. To know him what little I did made a difference in my life. Please visit his extensive galley and glean some inspiration for your next project. He would be honored.


    Pete answered some of my early posts and helped me get started with pedal building.  To me,Pete exemplified what this forum is all about; generosity of knowledge, teaching with patience and a friendly manner.  Thanks for your help.  You will be missed.

    Big O

    Just found this post.  Very sad to hear.  He was one of the great posters on the guitarpcb forums with lots of helpful advice and sadly will be missed.


    Bruce R

    Pete was a great guy. He did a lot of testing of circuit ideas for GuitarPCB, and really liked experimenting with different values in various parts of circuits. He answered a ton of forum questions, and I even got to have a few Skype calls with him before he fell ill. I truly hope that his time after his diagnosis was spent doing some “bucket list” items and doing whatever he wanted. He truly deserved it.

    His builds were one of a kind for sure, as can be seen in some of the images Barry posted above. Not only was he a great asset to GuitarPCB and to me, but he was also a friend that I didn’t quite to get to know as well as I’d wished. Rest in Peace, Pete!

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