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    I recently printed out the graphics for my next pedal with an inkjet printer and let it air dry for 48 hours.  I sprayed the Armour All on it and then wiped it with a soft towel.  However, the graphics smeared when wiped.  Should the Armour All be allowed to completely dry and then leave it alone (no wiping, etc.)?  Is there anything else that would protect the photo graphics other than the Armour All?

    I also printed out my graphics on a laser printer onto photo paper for laser printers.  Does this need the full 48 hours of dry time before spraying with Armour All as the method for inkjet printed graphics?  Inkjet and Laser printers use different methods of bonding images to paper (laser heat bonds it to media).

    I’m just trying to get the proper technique for the cover graphics/artwork.  I actually have used Barry’s method in the past with success, but don’t remember exactly how I did it since it was a couple of years ago.



    In my experience – all artwork done with inkjet requires clear-coat before applying to an enclosure surface; whether the photo-paper or waterslide method. Inkjet ink is water (moisture) soluble; even after drying for a couple of days.

    Laser prints are useable almost immediately because the toner is literally baked onto the paper as it passes thru the heated rollers of a laser printer. And with laser printouts on waterslide stock, it is still best clear-coat first. On photo-paper, laser prints can be applied without the need to clear-coat first. With Barry’s photo-paper method, the laser prints do not need clear-coat before applying the Armor All.

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    Did both versions.  Printed picture with Inkjet on inkjet photo paper and clear coated it with acrylic laquer.  No runs or smears.  Should be ready for the Armour All treatment.

    Printed pictures with the color laser printer on laser printer photo paper.  Sprayed one with Armour All and it came out fine – probably what I did a couple of years ago.  The second one I clear coated it with acrylic laquer and will later spray on the Armour All, although I don’t think I really need to do that as it already has a protective clear coat.


    The idea for my method is that you can create beautiful artwork without needing to use a spray bomb.

    There are many advantages to this. People who live in apartments etc…

    I suggest after allowing your ink to cure, spray your project with one coat of Armour All (UV Protection Formula)

    Then use a Fiber cloth to lightly smooth it all out. Don’t worry it won’t rub off. Let that dry.

    Now you can add additional coats as needed no fuss no muss.

    What this does is give you a beautiful enclosure that will hold up for years and even better when you get sick of the artwork it is extremely easy to remove with a razor blade and put a new one on.

    Big O

    As a Follow-up, I used the laquered laser printed artwork with a couple of coats of ArmourAll.  It came out very nice and it is now glued to the top of the enclosure a la EHX style.  Still very easy to do – way easier than painting the enclosure and playing around with waterslide decals trying not to tear or stretch the artwork.  And as you said, if you make a mistake, just remove the artwork with a razor blade and reapply new artwork.  Maybe I used the wrong type of ArmourAll – I used the regular stuff.

    Here is what happened when I wiped the ArmourAll after the inkjet photo artwork had dried for nearly 72 hours.



    Yah I think you wiped too hard or did not apply enough before spreading it around.

    You will want the UV protection for the UV protection of your colors in case pedals ever see daylight.

    It is more of a smoothing motion than a wiping motion. I guess individual inks & papers might make a difference?

    You may want to consider using a hair dryer on the image first before experimenting with wiping strategies.

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