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    Hi to everybody

    this is my first post on this very helpful forum!

    I bought a plexi plus kit from musikfìding, and my problem is that I have no sound in bypass and also when the circuit is on.

    I had a problem with the 3pdt board infact I soldered the switch in the wrong side of the board, so I desoldered the switch and I wired the 3pdt without board. I tested the switch and it worked, i bias the j201 at 5V like the build docs.

    Moreover when i power on the bi coloured led is red while I think it would be green.

    thank s in advance




    Since you do not have signal in either bypass or effect, it indicates that you have not wired the footswitch/jacks and board correctly.  Without using the 3PDT wiring board, use the first diagram in this guide to do the wiring:


    Reverse lugs 4 and 6 to correct the bicolour LED colors..


    Thank you for the answer! I will control jack connection and switch and i Will let you know!


    Problem solved. I didn’t see the small T on the pcb and I connected the sleve of input jack instead of the tip. Thank for the help, the plexi plus is fantastic!!!


    Glad you like it.

    We use the same scheme for all of our boards so once you build one it is all the same.

    T is for Tip and the other Pad is for ground so no star grounding ever.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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