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    Big O

    For a quick DIY project if you are interested in a simple way to display your pedals on a wall, you can use a Plate Display Shelf.  I was trying to think of ways to get some of my pedals out of the closet and display them for easy access and to show people if they are interested at looking at them, and I came across plate display shelves on various websites. I thought I could adapt these type of shelves for my use.  I ordered a couple of 2 footers and installed one above my Reverend Goblin Amp.  Put the pedals on the shelf and angled them against the wall with the turned up front edge that prevents them from falling.  Very easy, simple project for displaying your own work or commercially built pedals.




    Very nice! I seem to know those pedals well.

    Big O

    Updated picture with more shelves added.  Enough room to display 19 of the pedals I have built.  One treble booster, 11 fuzzes, a fuzz-stortion, two OD’s, one OD/Distortion and 3 Distortions.  Eight of the pedals have not been posted on this site, although some are in my avatar picture.

    Unfortunately I still have 14 more currently built pedals to show off, including 6 fuzzes, two treble boosters, 4 OD and Distortions, one Filter (stuck wah), one Tremolo, one Chorus, and one two-loop Bypass Looper.  Also have the parts to build something like 9 more pedals.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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