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    Helpful guides before beginning any GuitarPCB project.

    Many answers to common questions can be found in the links & images below:

    ** GuitarPCB Complete Build Document List **

    The Beginners Pedal Building Guide courtesy of Trom1.

    The Beginners Guide to Components courtesy of Billy

    Guide débutants – A propos des Composants – French Translation courtesy of Fr4nk

    The Crash Course Guide Combined Knowledge from many members.

    The GuitarPCB Advanced Guides – Tonmann Version

    The Combo Build Guide courtesy of Playsforfun.

    The Combo Build Thread with examples

    The GuitarPCB Tips section on using 9mm Pots and making dual channel builds.

    Phase Follies – Our expert Phase Inversion Guide by Wilkie1 and Tonmann

    Unique Wiring Options: Using Series, Combo, Buff N Blend, Easy Order, Tone TwEQ

    Our old Forum is available as a Knowledge Database

    Read this before visiting the “Old Forum” If attempting to download anything you will get an error (because the old site url had to be modified). When you click on a link to download simply add a .webs to the url like this: guitarpcb.webs.com and it should work. The .webs is what differentiates the old site from the new site.

    Enjoy our GuitarPCB Capacitor and Resistor Chart below:


    GuitarPCB Wiring Diagram featuring our 3PDT Wiring board or Standard Foot switch.


    3PDT Wiring Board Explained:


    GuitarPCB Beginner Soldering Tutorial


    DPDT Wiring Board Diagram – Available in our SHOP

    The Audio Probe Explained – courtesy of Tonmann, Billy, Wilkie and Bruce


    GuitarPCB Pedal Art – For a simple and affordable way to decorate your pedals:


    How about something completely different.

    Need more help? Click the Data Document Below!

    J201 Converter Board Data Document

    *GuitarPCB is not responsible for inserting your J201 converter board in backwards.



    Do not add posts to this page.

    Please keep this instructional thread clean.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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