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    Big O

    I am preparing to start a project using a paramix board, but not quite sure how to accomplish the connections/wiring.  I would like to use the paramix to blend distorted and clean signals in various proportions.  I am looking for a blend control, volume controls on both the clean and distorted signals as well as a gain/distortion control for the distorted signal.

    I am not sure where the output of the distortion PCB connects on the Paramix.  I suspect that the SEND of the Paraxmix goes to the IN of the distortion and the OUT from the distortion connects to the RETURN of the Paramix as in Example #1 in the instructions.  I am not sure if anything needs to connect to the IO or II of the Paramix as it appears to me whatever is connected there affects only the Clean signal.

    I assume the “DRY” signal in the instructions means the CLEAN signal from the guitar.  I also surmise that the DRY and WET controls are a 2 knob version of a WET/DRY blend knob that you may find on a pedal and that the DRY GAIN controls the volume of the DRY (Clean) signal.  The Gain/Distortion control and Volume control of the Distortion PCB would be independent of the Paramix board.

    Please correct me if I am wrong with the above concepts.


    It is a bit of a head fryer this one! well it is to me, there are so many things you can do with the paramix it hurts my head but everything you’ve noted looks correct

    The easiest way I think to understand it is to use the schematic where you can see everything as it relates to each part of the circuit and follow your signal through that’s what I did to try and fully understand it’s potential

    For example you can see where the clean signal goes in and follow it along to P1 which you can see is in the op amp feedback loop so a gain control then P2 mixes the clean signal and if you insert something into IO and II that would add affect to the clean only and so on

    As you correctly said clean signal would go into your distortion via send then through and out via return giving you wet / effected signal you can then adjust with the distortions own controls and the wet control

    In your case I’d make a block diagram of what it is you want to do then follow it through to make sure you get what you want

    Knowing from your posts you’re pretty proficient looking at schems etc I think your own block diagram would be the way to go

    Big O

    Below is how I think I would proceed with the circuit.  For the time being I will socket the IO and II pads and jumper the two until I can obtain the proper jacks needed for Insert Out and Insert In.  I will eliminate the kill switch obviously and the OD/Distortion (Emexar in this example but will be something else when I build it).  The block diagram below is the basic plan.

    My planned board connections.  I assume that SW1 is a phase switch looking at the schematic, but I am not really adept at IC circuits.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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