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    Big O

    What are pedal builder’s experience sourcing transistors in general?  I have used Mammoth, Small Bear and a couple others such as Radio Shack when they were around locally.  I recently tried Amazon to purchase 2N2222A’s and S9013’s as I was looking for some lower gain NPN Silicon transistors in the range of around 100-300 HFE as I already have one S9013 of 120 HFE and a couple of older 2N2222A’s around 230 HFE.  However, the Amazon 2N2222A’s had HFE’s around 430 and the S9013’s had HFE’s around 288, way higher than I was looking for.  I did not pay much for the transistors (around 25 cents or less), which I suspect are Chinese made and who knows, maybe mislabled.  Has this been the experience of others?

    Should I stick to sites such as Mammoth, Small Bear and maybe Mouser or Digikey?  I never tried the latter two as really did not have a need to and don’t have much experience using their sites and services.

    What are people’s opinions and experience regarding transistor sourcing?


    I always source from Small Bear, PedalPartsPlus, Mouser (search filters makes it easy) and eBay (carefully).


    Thru careful searches on eBay, I’ve had good success with NOS Ge trannies. For modern Si devices, I use SmallBear, Mouser and\or Digi-Key.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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