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    When building a pedal with an offboard switching PCB (3PDT Wiring Board, Buff-n-Blend, etc), will the LED pads on both the main PCB and the mod board operate normally?

    I’m guessing they would, but I figured I could simply ask before getting artsy and drilling for dual LEDs and being wrong…

    Thanks! -e.


    When using the 3PDT or BnB board, the CLR and the LED are contained on those boards, NOT on the effect board.  Also the S4, S5 ans S6 pads on the effect board are not used.


    So using a mod board will prevent the LED circuit on the main board from working? That’s a bummer.

    Oh well. There go my 2-glowing LED eyes pedal art ideas…


    I guess I misunderstood that you wanted to use BOTH the LED on the effects board as well as the one on the 3PDT board.

    Well, I’ve never actually done that but I think it will work if you use a CLR and LED on both boards and wire the S4, S6 and S5 wires to the foot switch.  Let us know to confirm. .


    I’ve also wondered about this but just never bothered to try! If I wasn’t already done for the night I’d go fire it back up right now just to see. Please do report back just for curiosity’s sake.


    I’ve done glowing eyes, but I just split a single “feed” off from one run and adjust my CLR accordingly.


    Ah, I hadn’t factored in that S4, S5 & S6 would have to be wired over to the switch board. That seems like more hassle than it would be worth. Matt’s parallel LEDs on one circuit seems like a far simpler plan….

    Thanks for the feedback, y’all!


    I do not see that soldering S4, S5 & S6 to the already protruding center lugs to be much of a problem especially if the end result is desirable. It only takes a moment to heat up the solder to insert a lead and let cool. 3 times of course. Use Green wire to help hide it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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