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    Jeff Martin

    Hi all! First post in a very long time and first since the move to this format. Also under a new user name (my old account got lost in the move or inactivity) the original account was under Jefro.

    Anyway, I’ve built several small CBG amps using a modified version of Noisy Cricket. I’ve done one with a Super Sonic in front of the amp circuit And that turned out pretty good but I want to do one with just an active tone control. I’ll just drop the tone control on the circuit, which is just patched in to the volume pot. I don’t think that is where I should add the active tone circuit. If I use the Sonic Tonic I’ll just put it in front and it will act as a preamp, which will help with peizo pickups. If I use the Tone Tweq I could put it before or insert it into the circuit but I’m not sure of the best place.


    Suggestions would be appreciated.


    I would think Wilkie1 may jump in on this.

    I have no experience with these small amplifiers.


    As drawn, the tone filter is reducing treble frequencies as the pot rotates CCW.  It is not an active filter since it cannot boost frequencies.  I think you will have better results adding the Sonic Tonic in front.  You can also eliminate the buffer Q1 since the Sonic Tonic has a buffer input at IC1A.

    Jeff Martin

    Thanks for the help!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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