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    Hi GuitarPCB, I have my MKC Klon working now, with the exception of the Bi Color LED. It seems like it ought to be easy, im using a 3PDT board. According to the instruction, long leg goes in the middle and the others go one in the white square and the other in the other. Unfortunately, I have tried every combination, and I can only get either Red or Green light when the effect is activated, when it is off I get no color. I had this 3-color LED from some Arduino kit, I’m wondering if maybe it’s the wrong kind of bi-color LED? My understanding is that it should be red when power is on, and green when effect is on. Any ideas? Thanks!


    You can only use a Common Anode. Not Common Cathode.

    You said you had a 3 color Led and it can only be Bi-Color.

    More Info here

    I also have them in my shop.


    Jacob just for info you can use a coin cell battery to determine whether your LED is common anode or cathode, centre positive or negative, simply slot it between the centre and an outer pin if it lights up with the + battery side touching the centre pin it’s common anode as required for GPCB circuits and visa versa with the minus side to centre pin making it common cathode


    Thanks again, much obliged. I’m sure that Led is the wrong kind, but I will try the test to confirm. I accidentally said “3-color led”, but meant “3-leg”. I appreciate your help, figured it must be something like that!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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