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    Hi All,

    I’m working up another BMP Muff’n build and I found the “Muff’n Mid Scoop Mod Version 1” in the new Roto-Tone Deluxe guide.

    Will that mod work with the Mod 3 ( mid scoop control) from the Muff’n build doc? Or how are they different and what would be expected if they were combined?

    Thanks in advance




    Those are two different mods that will alter the tone options for your MUFF’N. SInce I haven’t tried both of them together in the same build, I can’t tell you whether you will like the results or not  Why don’t you try them and tell us if they worked well together?.


    Cool, uncharted territory. I have a Muff’n board and Roto-tone on order. I will report back soon.


    I tried searching for the “Klingon Muff” version of Barry’s “Muff-N” but couldn’t find it. IN that build I did ALL seven mods and wound up with a BMP that would emulate about 10 different versions of the Muff. So yes, you can do multiple mods on the Muff-N with excellent results. I did find my YouTube demo of the “Klingon Muff”

    I put it thru all the switch combinations so you can get an idea of what you might anticipate with your build.


    Here is the Klingon Muff thread: https://guitarpcb.com/forums/topic/klingon-muff-story-of-a-modded-muffn/

    Here is the new MUFF’N 2020 Build Doc

    The search Bar is on the Forum Home Page.


    I was aware of the “Klingon Muff” and the excellent documentation by Cybercow.

    This Pi build was imagined to be paired with a Rangemaster circuit to get that Muse Bass sound. It started as a simple plan to use 2 foot switches so the Pi and RM could be used independently, but each of those circuits have several great mods and I had a few extra switches.

    I worked out the base Pi build by using an old Muff’n board and a strip of sockets. I actually A/B’d component using an audio probe as I populated the board. I added 5 extra switches before I started experimenting with the Muff’n mods. First was the Roto-Tone mid-scoop mod and I settled on 3n9,4n7,10n for the C10 selection with 10n and 4n for C11. For the Muff’n mod 3, I liked a 10k for R20 with a B100K pot. Wilkie1 was right, If I hadn’t tried it, and gone outside the box, I would not have found those values.

    In my opinion, most of the sounds you can get from these 2 tone stack modifications can be had with the Tone Tweq mod. I used that for my last Muff’n build and liked the results. For this build I wanted to have a switchable set of values as opposed to having to dial in the sounds, so I opted for the individual mods.  I can detail the whole build in another post if there is interest.

    Thanks again for the help, this is a great forum.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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