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    I’m about to Purchase the MUFF’N and build a Violet Muff

    Can i add the scooped /flat /hump mids selector switch  to the circuit  , if so whats the process .

    Is this the High pass filter mod as per the mod 1 Change C1 to 10n  connect 100n to the spdt ?  This mentions you can add a DPDT and connect two caps then wire this to M1 or M2 Pads on the MUFF”N PCB .

    Also what are the best Values and type of Capacitors to use  ( was reading 4.7nf  and a 10nf

    Thanx for the great Products Regards Criss


    Yes you can add that mod easily to the Muff’N build. I went with all the mods and built the “Klingon Muff”.


    I followed the build docs as posted and was very pleased with end result. The “Mids” feature is very useful. I posted the complete build process and a link to a demo of the finished product here in the GPCB Forums. (The link to the demo is at the bottom of the thread. Hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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