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    Not the best wiring job from the neatness point of view but all sounds fantastic

    A wee note that stumped me for a long time had it working perfectly in all switch positions then decided to change the inductor to this 1992 crybay one, anyway long story short never worked after the change naturally I suspected the inductor even though I tested it prior to installing it after messing about forever, multiple audio probes wah then no wah  and wondering why it was great upside down and crackled etc right way up I discovered whilst taking voltages the middle leg of Q4 had snapped in it’s socket not easy to see! and upside down it must have been reconnecting, right way up dropping away again so the moral of the story is when you’re taking voltages don’t bend those pins too much couldn’t get the broken pin out hence the long legged Q4 soldered to the top of the socket I put it down to my choice of R6 which measured 666 ohms! The devil is most certainly in the detail



    I see you’ve encountered the “Devil’s Bias”. Mwah-ha-ha! Nice build.


    Well Done Billy!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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