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    Scott Preston

    Here’s my take on the T.

    This is a stock build.  I love how versatile this circuit is.  It works really well for a light boost but when it is cranked up it brings back those Sunn Amp memories.  I like to use it on my 335 style guitar on the normal channel to get a “jazz box” sort of sound.



    Very nice Scott how you’ve got it all in there is amazing looks great


    I’ll need to dig mine out and get it built you make it sound like a must build along with everyone else so I best get to it thanks for the insight

    Scott Preston

    I used 9mm pots on this enclosure, allowing me to use a smaller enclosure.  I bit tricky to get it wired up, but the results are nice.

    So many must builds at GuitarPCB, the Sunn-T is certainly among them.



    Nice job getting all of that to fit in a smaller enclosure. Great graphics!


    I’ve had to use a shoehorn and sledgehammer to stuff enclosures before too. Get looking build for a versatile pedal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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