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    Hi all,

    You’ll find a french version of MoRC V3 document in this folder if you want to upload it: https://mega.nz/#F!v9s0nQjZ!to7c_AJksYrYjfIRmJ4dCQ

    After a complete understanding of this document and using MoRC V3, I have questions :-))

    1. How could we add a switch or a low cut filter to have a Bass mod for 5 or 6 string bass witch start at 30,87Hz, and a Guitare Mod witch could start at 80Hz? (about C12)
      1. 2 position 2 poles switch
      2. Tone tweq combo (I only have a small box…)
      3. Go fishing.
    2. Is there a way to calculate release time in ms=kΩ ?
    3. What is the max ratio of sustain knob?

    Thank you!



    1. The MoRC is already capable of reproducing the most important frequencies for Bass so as a result it will also be fine for guitar. Since the guitar will not reproduce frequencies below what it is capable of it is not really necessary to cut off frequencies at the pedal itself. Technically you could add even more low Bass response by adjusting C1 and C12 at a glance to perhaps 100nF or 220nF (use sockets and test).
    2. Not sure on a calculation so Attack Time 4mS at center ATTACK setting and Decay Time 1.2 Sec is the only interesting answer I found.
    3. Close to 10:1 or higher. The MoRC circuit is more a limiter than a compressor. The Sustain (Sensitivity) control sets the threshold at which the limiter begins to act… when the signal goes higher than the threshold, there is a short knee as it kicks in, then the output is clamped to a fixed level. The threshold can be varied in a range from about -25dbv to -50dbv. When you have the Sustain control set high, it is only limiting the peaks, and it sounds like mild compression. As you adjust the threshold lower, more and more of the signal is limited so it sounds somewhat like a higher compression ratio.

    Many people have analyzed this circuit and others and just about anything you would need to know can be Googled such as in this very informative LINK. While ours may be slightly different mostly everything can be applied to the Ross.

    Thanks for the Build doc.


    That’s a great link, Barry!

    To add a ToneTwEQ to the Morc, I would replace the A100K VOL pot with a 100K trimmer.  You can easily bend the trimmer legs to fit into the Vol pads on the Morc board.  Now you will have an adjustable level control to feed the ToneTwEQ.  Set it to a reasonable level about mid way. Route the OUT pad of the Morc to the IN pad of the ToneTwEQ.  The OUT of the ToneTwEQ becomes the output of the combo.The ToneTwEQ board is so small, it easily fits vertically along a side of your enclosure.  The VOL pot of the ToneTwEQ now becomes the Master volume for the combo.



    Thank you, I’m asking this about low cut because I play with a Peavey Blues Classic (Tele Custom 72 modded) and it have a 15″ Speaker and I can ear a small Bom and too much bass for me.

    But I’m a bassist too and it sounds good with my bass (G&L 2000) like this.

    I don’t want to completely cut bass, I only don’t want compress this part of the signal 😛


    @Barry: thanks for your links, very interesting ! I did not understand everything but I’ll go back again to learn more about it.

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