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    My first combo build. I really enjoy seeing all of your build pics, so I figured I’d jump into the mix. No graphics on my pedals yet. Something I need to work on. 😉Included one with the “hood up” as a tip of the hat to Plays for Fun!


    Stellar work! Do you love it? I’m a huge fan of the MKC, and I have used the S3 a few times. Both incredibly versatile boards. This is a terrific looking build. What are the diodes in the MKC D1/D2?


    Nicely done. Interesting clipping diodes. Would you mind elaborating? (NOS 1N34A ????)


    Thanks for the kind words guys. Yeah, I do love it. I really like having my low powered tube amps on the verge of break-up and kicking in the MKC in w/ volume@ noon and gain about 3 o’clock, tone @ noon or 1. Really gives a nice, smooth grind. I’ve found that it pushes other dirt pedals and changes their character nicely, too. Adds great sustain to my One Knob Fuzz! I’ve got the J201 in the boost for a bit more grind as well when it’s kicked in. Adds some nice “oomph” and volume. These 2 circuits work really well together. As far as the diodes, yes they’re 1N34a’s. I’m pretty sure those particular ones came from Mammoth. The ones I’ve gotten from Small Bear have all been the clear glass package. Now I’m going to have to socket another pair and check for differences…you got me thinking on those.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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