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    i am Andreas, and this is my first Pedalbuild/Kit i have soldered. It’s the MKC3, first of all it “works” and it sounds great. I have installed the Gain 1 & 2 and the Bass Booster Switch. I have unsoldered the TR1 Trimmer, but i have installed the R25 and C2 (as seen on the picture). But now to the issues i have: the Pedal is always “on”, that mean, ok i can turn it on an off with the footswitch, but even without any audio-jack plugged in, the LED lights up (and the battery looses power/also with an AC/DC connector). Could you help me with that problem? Maybe it’s a problem with the input-audio-jack?

    And the second issue is, that the potis “Volume”, “Treble” and “Gain 2” are switched (10 is 0…) i soldered that correctly like in the manual. Volume and Treble 1-1; 2-2; 3-3 and the Gain-potis 1-3; 2-2; 3-1. Is that a problem when i just change the outer wires?

    Last but not least, the pedal works (with that little issues) and it sounds great 🙂 i love it! So did i have to unsolder the R25 and the C2? Or what is the problem when i use the 3dpt handy-board AND the R25 and C2? Is there an difference between the C: 1J63 and the 1K63?

    I hope you could help me and i made everything correctly with the forum/thread.

    Thanks a lot, Andreas 🙂


    Check the wiring to the input jack.  The battery negative wire must connect to the ‘RING” terminal.  This way there is only a connection to the battery when a plug is inserted.

    Your photo of the backside of a pot is incorrect. The “1” and “3” are reversed.  Correct your wiring at the pots and your pot rotation will be correct.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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