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    Hey folks, new to the forum and have a simple question here.

    I’m in the middle of populating the MKC3 board and don’t have a 390n cap for C4. I do have plenty of 470n and a few 330n I could use. Would either of these work without effecting the overall sound or functionality of the circuit? I could also combine a 220n and a 150n which I have to achieve 370n, but would rather use only one cap if possible. Any response is appreciated to keep me building.


    Since C4 is not in the main signal path, it has little influence on the tone.  Your 330n is closer to the spec value of 390n, but most caps I measure tend to test lower than the stated value.  Some may be as much as 20% lower.  If you cannot test them, I am sure that either the 470n or the 330n will work.  If you have really sensitive ears, you may wish to socket the C4 position and try both of them.  I’d wager that you would have a hard time hearing much difference.  Don’t be afraid to try.  That’s part of the fun.

    BTW, welcome to the forum.  Please post a photo of your build so we can all see your results.


    I would opt for the 470nF or 330nF.

    I have been using MLCC a lot lately and provide IMHO the same characteristics of any film cap of the same value. That said MLCC are smaller and more affordable. You can get MLCC Kits on eBay (very affordable, many values) or Mouser individually etc… perfect 5mm lead spread for our boards as well.

    For $7 shipped you get:

    700pcs Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor MLCC Assorted kit box

    35 Values of each  8pF~2.2uF


    Wilkie, Barry, thank you both for the replies and the welcome aboard. Much respect to you both as well! I’ve been reading the forum here for quite some time and have been using much of what is offered. Great tips, guides, pics etc. I’ve found so much help and inspiration just by reading and viewing. This is about my tenth build (or so), so I will have to get better situated and share what I can eventually. This is truly fun (and addicting!) stuff.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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