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    Hello, I have just been finishing up 2 MKC PCBs, and I am having problems. There is no signal passing through the effect on either board. I am not getting a light on the LED, even. I used the GuitarPCB 3PDT wiring boards, which are new to me, but I carefully followed the instructions, and nothing is passing through the effect. I do get a clean signal. Before I go too deep, I wanted to check the wiring on the 3pdt board is correct, can someone look at my pictures and see if I am missing something dumb? I think I followed the proper directions! I am clipping a 9volt battery to the power and ground wire for testing, and I have 3 lead wires going to the LED, which is not lighting up at all. I am using the 3k3 CLR as indicated for R25. Please help! Thanks!


    You have the IN wire on the main pcb going to the ground solder pad it should go to the pad with the small ‘T’ for tip I can’t see your OUT wire but that again goes to the T pad

    Your wiring on the 3PDT pcb to the jacks etc looks correct

    I’ve moved your post to the support forum you’d accidentally posted on the guides page


    Thanks so much for your quick reply, that is exactly what the problem was! I had both input and output in the bottom holes instead of T holes. Moved them, and now it works! I figured it must be something simple like that. This was my first build with your boards, and I wasn’t familiar with the layout, but I appreciate your extensive instructions and fast reply. Now, I just need to find the right CLR for my big LEDs!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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