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    I bought a Mini Me Chorus board here in 2013, built it around 2015, and while the chorus sounds amazing, it’s gets scratchy/noisy/hissy unless you are playing very quietly.  The moment you get into it a little there’s the scratchiness again.  Just enough to annoy me.

    I don’t think its the pots b/c pot scratchiness usually happens when you turn the pot.  The depth and rate pots don’t make any noise when I turn them.  There’s no noise in bypass mode.  I’m testing on a quiet humbucker pickup.

    I’m using battery power.

    Anyone know where I should I start with troubleshooting?



    • Dial in the trimmer a little more precisely since it is very fine point where it works best.
    • Test only the pedal wired by itself with only two good cables and nothing else hooked up.
    • Reflow your solder joints and all off-board wiring and check all jacks and reflow lugs.

    That is where I would start and the order that I would do it.



    Thanks, Barry.

    I took it apart and resoldered a sketchy looking ground, but that didn’t do the trick.

    Then I tweaked the trim pot and that fixed it. 🙂

    Nice, clean, lush chorus!

    thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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