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    Just finished building a 2020 version Mini Me Chorus build. All seems to be well except I’m getting no signal when the effect is engaged. Bypass signal and LED are fine. I’ve attached a jumper wire over D4 as I’m using the MN3007 chip. Done all the usual checks on components, polarity and wiring and totally stumped! Any guidance? I’ve attached a few photos.

    First post too, hello everybody 👋


    Check your DC wiring Josh it’s difficult to see it should be like the image below, are you getting 9v to the pcb?

    I’m at work at the moment so haven’t checked your pcb components etc

    Also double check your IN stereo jack is wired correctly stick at jack in and follow it round to the solder lugs


    Hi and Welcome,

    Switch your Ring and Tip Wires at the Jack. At a glance it looks like these are backwards. See Billy’s Photo of the Jack.

    A bit of helpful critique if I may:

    You may need to do some board cleanup and reflow as there are a blobs of solder at pads that may be hanging on by a thread. With wire you should strip off a bit of wire and place it through the pad till the protective jacket is flush with the board and then solder the wire to the pad as you would a component lead. You can even move the wire forward while heating to be sure it is flush. Then trim the excess if any. Be sure to use a Fine Conical Tip when soldering wires or components to the board. Also .031 Solder diameter is best.

    I hope that helps.


    Thanks! I’ll re-solder some of the joints as my soldering isn’t that great. Got some 0.3mm wire too. I’ve switched the input and battery wires round but I’m getting no bypass signal now. Do I have an unusual jack? It looks like I’ve now got the input going to the ring and the battery to the tip? From the faint ground hum Im hearing modulation and the pots are working so I’m assuming it’s a signal issue.

    This is my DC wiring, with the black going to ground, input (red) directly opposite and battery (pink)  in middle.


    Your DC jack is correct RED to pcb 9v, black to ground and pink to battery +

    With your jack you can see where the tip connects to so you can simply follow that around to it’s solder lug

    or you can continuity check which lug connects to which part the longer being the tip and the shorter one the ring for battery ground

    If you have lost bypass then it must have been wired correctly initially

    Make sure the solder lugs connect as shown in this picture or as I say follow them round from the tip to it’s solder lug

    As Barry says carefully try and remove some of the solder, ball like joints may be dry inside simply heat up with your iron for around 4 seconds and remove some, be extra careful with your 3PDT switch lugs too much heat can damage the switch internally if you have a solder sucker great use that if not you’ll have to use your iron to remove it, try reflowing the blue wires on your 3PDT first once you get bypass back of course!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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