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    Eddie Lozano

    Hey fellas! I was a longtime member in the old forum and just got back into building. For some reason the account I have on file “LozanoSays” will not let me see the forum once I’ve logged in, but it does show as an active account when I log in. I had to open a new account under my work email to be able to type in the forum… which isn’t ideal moving forward.


    Would a moderator or admin be able to connect with me to help me merge my accounts so that I can opperate of my pesonal email (the one that is active but isn’t letting me access the forum)?




    Hi and welcome back,

    The old site and the new site (2 years now) have no connection with each other at all.

    The old host WEBS would not update their platform to be secure and in fact it still is not.

    The idea of no longer being secure and the fact that PayPal would no longer function through them forced me to make a very quick change. Adding to the problems the old host WEBS did not have any FTP protocol for me to use and was impossible for me to migrate information. Trust me I was not a fan of losing thousands of members over a bumbling host. PayPal sent me a letter telling me I had to rebuild my website from scratch within 30 days if I wanted to maintain my SHOP.

    During this time (July 2018) I did send out multiple email blasts letting everyone know of the pending changes.

    That said you will have to create and use your own new username and information here. As for the old forum you can still visit it as long as it stands. Not all pages function and you have to be savvy how you navigate it but it is still working. I no longer have control over the old forum, passwords, emails or anything.

    The only good thing is that they left the old site available to me as a Free parting gift.


    Nice to see you back in these parts Eddie

    Is it lockdown motivated haha

    I’ve built God knows how many pedals during lockdown after not doing too much for a while with life problems  getting in the way

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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