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    Guy Luke

    G’day All,

    An Aussie pedal builder her.  I just completed my MCK3 build and all is functioning correctly.  The documentation that comes with it it mentions making R15 switchable to a lower value as a super gain mod via a DPDT switch.

    I was wondering about replacing the R15 switch with a maybe a linear 50k pot so I can dial in exactly the ‘super gain’ amount that I want.  Either that or install a rotary switch with 5 fixed resistance values from 47K (stock) down to maybe 5K (supergain).


    My question is will a 50K Lin pot work for this modification and if I go the rotary switch option, could anyone who has played with R15 values chime in regarding which R value range they found the most functional.




    Both could work

    The 50K wired as a variable resistor would be what I’d try initially you could socket R15 and try the pot to see what you prefer measuring the resistance at each one

    You could also still make it foot switchable using a dpdt board one side with the standard 47K and pot the other side, you could also do the same with the roto tone or use a 3PDT to indicate it’s on with an LED

    Check the roto tone build doc for ideas on how you can implement it


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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