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    Hallo, leider funktioniert mein Mastodon nicht.

    Das LED lechtet nicht und es kommt kein Signal.

    Kann mir jemand helfen?

    Gruss Chris


    I am not sure if anyone speaks German here. The LED needs connected to the foot switch to work.

    I cannot verify any off-board wiring as it is mixed too close with wires of the same color.

    My first guess is the the wiring is wrong somewhere (on both builds) but it is too hard to see from the one photo above. I cannot follow the wiring or check all common grounding.

    We will need better photos or a diagram to show exactly how it is wired.

    Since you wired the LED to the MAIN Board and not the 3PDT Wiring board it still needs a S3, S4 & S5 connection. You will have to make contact over top the wiring board after you figure the Audio issue.

    Since both builds do not work it is likely the same error and it would be easier to work on one pedal.

    Also did you look at the GUIDES PAGE to trace the wiring yourself?

    Does the pedal work in bypass mode?

    Also check these guides from the GUIDES PAGE and make sure the wiring is correct and you have checked the entire circuit for proper continuity using your digital multi meter.



    Insert a jack into your jack socket and follow it round to the solder lugs to make sure your wires go to the correct 3PDT lugs


    If you insert a jack like below you can physically see what the tip of the jack connects to on the socket and then follow it round to it’s solder lug as Barry says it is difficult to see in both your builds if you have the IN jack tip wire from the 3PDT connected to the ground solder lug on the socket



    As already mentioned – seems the wiring is off. Double-check the wiring against the instruction pictures that Barry posted.


    Hallo Barry, danke das Sie sich Zeit nehmen für mich.

    Demfall muss ich mal die LED mit dem 3PDT verbinden, richtig? Und dann mal schauen was passiert. Da ich Leihe bin konnte ich dies nicht mit der Anleitung heraus lesen.

    Und ja ich spreche Deutsch 🙂


    Also zusätzlich zum D2 die ich schon angelötet habe muss ich noch die S4, 5,6 mit verbinden, richtig?


    “Also zusätzlich zum D2 die ich schon angelötet habe muss ich noch die S4, 5,6 mit verbinden, richtig?”

    Yes because you did not hook the LED to the 3PDT Wiring Board.

    The foot switch is what tells the pedal if it is On or Off. Since there is no LED on the Foot switch then you have to make the wire connection or wire and LED to the foot switch. If you wire an LED to the foot switch do not forget the CLR first (Current Limiting Resistor) anything from 2k to 4k7 will do.


    I still cannot follow the wiring. You will need to manually make sure all connections are correct especially regarding the Input and Output Jacks. If there is no sound in Bypass Mode then it is wired wrong.



    Also reicht es nicht nur S4, 5, 6 anzuschliessen? Ich habe keinen zusätzlichen Wiederstand meh vom Bausatz. In der Anleitung steht doch nichts davon?

    Verkabelt habe ich nach dieser Anleitung


    Right since you have no resistor you will have to carefully tack solder the 3 wires then and connect them to the 3PDT Wiring board as illustrated. Also to avoid confusion you already used the CLR resistor on the Main Board. The reason the wire for S4, S5 and S6 are not shown on your diagram is because you did not use the 3PDT Wiring Board for your LED.


    Because you mount the LED to the Main Board you have to do this!

    To fully understand different builders like to do things in different ways. Our boards are designed to accomodate different builders. The hard part I guess when you are new is to learn what works best for you. After that you will know how you like to build and it is always the same.

    Finally one more time you do not need to worry about the Audio Path until you fix the Bypass switching. Once you have Bypass Audio then you may not have to do anything else after that.


    Board und Buchsen habe ich ja nach der Anleitung über Musikding gemacht. Jetzt habe ich nach Ihrem Schema umgelötet, kommt aber kein Signal, nur die Led funktioniert.


    Do you have bypass signal?

    If you do not have Bypass Signal then it is still wired wrong.

    It is very hard for me to help since I cannot see what I need with the two pictures provided.


    Did you fix this Output Jack?

    Since the Output Jack was wired incorrectly the Input Jack may likely be wrong as well.


    You will need to verify the Input Jack.

    The Tip and The Ring are not always exactly the same on every brand of Jack. You must look closely at the connection on the side of the JACK.


    This is very hard for me to judge with my limited visibility of your project.


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