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    Hey folks!

    Our guitarist celebrated his birthday in August so we figured out that the band members would give him a custom pedal what he would fit on top of the pedal board, facing the audience. He always said: ‘I hate fuzz pedals’. I’m the opposite of that so I figured I’ll convince him that a good fuzz pedal can sound great.

    The concept was something ancient, something creepy and something around the mammoth theme. I’ve found the pictures on the web, the top, zombie skeleton mammoth has its eye glowing when the pedal is turned on. The front mammoth is actually a Ken Kelly picture from the 90’s as another mammoth slaughters the cavemen (its eyes are glowing as well) – this faces the audience… The back side says ‘Mammuthus’ as that is the latin name for the woolly animal.

    It is probably needless to say that the kit under the hood is the Mastadon fuzz 🙂 The only tricky part (except of course the decals!) was the eyes of the front mammoth as a 3mm led would be way too googly eye for it – I’ve figured I’ll drill two 1mm hole for it, fill it with hot glue and place a high power led led behind – it worked pretty well! (The hot glue material leads out the light)

    Another thing I did to add glitter (ionizing silver ones) to the pearl white paint to somehow mimic the ice fields and how the sun might reflect from those. What I did (and it worked out really good) was to mix in the glitter with the paint, spray it on and after it dried polish it with a simple piece of white paper. It removes the paint from the glitters and makes them visible. The clear coat evens out the surface. Of course it is super tricky to capture those things in a picture but maybe the last pic shows it.



    Nicely done! Great looking build with cool synchronously themed artwork.

    Gilles Genete

    great job, well done , thumb up !


    Simply fantastic!  I’ve never thought of doing artwork and lights on the side of a pedal.  Very creative!



    Thanks for sharing your tips. I hope he has taken a liking to the FUZZ.

    Barry W Davis

    Love the creativity! looks awesome!



    Thanks guys for the feedback!
    He actually redid his pedalboard to place this one – I think he fell in love with the pedal and the FUZZ. 🙂


    that font and design is wicked! thanks for sharing!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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