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    the portable rig is ready to rock! the Super Drive 70s has an added led/diode clipping option for the overdrive. next into the Ancestral Apparition, this a unique reverb with an extreme range and seems like a good fit for a grab-n-go solution.  next into the Tone TwEQ and out to the amp output and into an active DI for the XLR output.  the DI has polarity inverse and ground lift options.  the build process went exceedingly smooth.  any issues upon initial testing were due to sloppy soldering or impatience.  thanks to all who build and contribute to this and other forums! and thank you for looking 🙂


    Bravo!  This is spectacular!  You could throw this in your bag and take it to almost anything and sound great.  I’m also a big fan of the artwork, easily lets you know what goes with what and looks very 70’s as well.

    Is that a GGG DI board? I have used the speaker simulator but not the DI.  Is it clean?

    Thanks for posting this!  I may copycat….


    thanks, man.  yes, the DI board is GGG.  i have a small pseudo-pa speaker here that i’ve tested with positive results, but have yet to plug it into a real pa and blast the thing.  so far, so good. a good friend lets me disturb his rehearsal basement from time to time and it will get a good lap or two then. i added some anti-static material between a few of the boards after the pic just for good measure.  i’ve had the super 70s board and the 1590DD enclosure since ‘pre-pandemic’ but was back and forth on the complexity i wanted to accept.  i finally tackled this project because of the Rambleboard you posted previously. cheers!

    Paul Eliasson
    • Hot dang that’s an awesome build!

    Now that’s a combo! Thanks for sharing.


    Holy kitty cow! Great job! Where’d you get the shoehorn and 2-lb sledge to get all that in there? Fun candy wrapper too.


    thanks guys.  it sounds great too!  Barry, your products just work, kudos man!  as for the shoehorn, i did manage to break the last little toggle switch for the DI as i was cramming and had to wait for a new batch of DPDTs to finish 😉  and my original layout did not account for the huge Belton module hanging off of the reverb board.  somehow i managed it and so glad i did.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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