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    Geno Mears

    The is the first non-Drive/Distortion effect I’ve built, and I’m very pleased with the sounds out of this.  It’s a good cross between a Phase 90 and a vibe pedal (trim pot can push it one-way or the other)…   I did not do the 45/90 mod with this one, but I DID to the “normal” / “script mod” toggle.   It’s extremely subtle.

    My idea for the graphics were “phases of the moon” as a corollary for “phaser”…  I think they turned out nicely, as well. I also just realized that I kept my “in” and “out” on top from a previous build that had top jacks… ha haha.. BIG OVERSIGHT!!  Oh, well, I’m not selling it.   My only complaint was the pre-drilled enclosure has the toggle drilled a tad close to the edge.  Otherwise, killer pedal and went together pretty easily.  Also on this one, the build docs NEED TO BE READ THOROUGHLY BEFORE STARTING!!!  Lots of things in there that you should know about before everything gets soldered up.


    Short YouTube Demo – iPhone recording using a dual humbucker guitar (Whitfill Cousin Paul) and a Two Rock Classic Reverb.






    Another very nice build and demo. I agree that the Script is subtle. I very much like the Wilkie1 45/90 Mod for my taste so give that a try sometime and I could hear some excellent Yes, RUSH or Floyd tones just begging to be played.

    Thanks again for the share!

    Geno Mears

    I do plan to do that mod….  It sounds like it would be killer.  Thanks!



    Nicely done! And thanks for the video demo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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