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    So I’ve found myself with a couple guitar/bass driver boards and I think I’d like to pair one with an od and maybe the addverb to make a pedal that could have a headphone output. Anybody done something like this? I’d welcome any thoughts or suggestions.


    To be clear you still need an amplifier.

    We do not comment on amplifiers due to the fact that there are many beginners who do not understand the dangers but that said there are a ton of cheap DIY kits or commercially built solutions to be googled. Most of the cheaper DIY versions use the LM386 and are based on the Ruby Amp


    The emexar micro amp circuit can be tweaked for headphone output. I have seen it talked about before


    There may be an impedance mismatch if you use the micro-amp circuit to drive a headphone/(speaker).  I agree with Barry that the Ruby amp would be a better amp circuit since it uses the LM386 which is designed as an amp.

    A combination with the Guitar/Bass Driver and the Ruby would seem to be the right choice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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