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    I bought a Sunn T kit from Das Musikding and got this 3PDT wiring board instead of yours.

    I guess it’s not possible to solder the bi-color LED.

    Can I solder the LED and the CLR on the main board and use this 3PDT wiring board for every other connections?


    I would ask for them to send you a GPCB wiring board so you can do what you want more easily.

    No, you cannot wire a Bi-Color LED to that although you could wire the LED to the Main Board.


    I hope that helps. I would still let them know about the error and why.


    They seem to be out of stock, I will build it the standard way, it’s not a big deal.



    Seeing as there are non in stock

    You can hack it to work, with a bi colour LED.

    Using a common anode LED place the anode to the LED+ pad, whatever colour you want in effects mode to the LED –  pad,  add a wire to the other cathode – leg and solder the other end to 3PDT lug 6 the bottom middle lug

    It must be a common anode bi colour LED

    All your actually doing is grounding 1 LED pin or the other to change colour via the switch, so effects colour cathode say green lug 4 connects to ground via lug 5 in effects mode and switched the other way bypass cathode colour say red connects lug 6 to ground


    Thanks, good to know
    I managed to finish the build without the wiring board and it seems to work fine. I’ll do proper tests soon.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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