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    I figured I’d post these together since the Deluxe is just an expansion on the original build. So in order, I first built the Lead Super Drive, which is a combo of the Super Lead Drive and RotoTone boards.  I used the RotoTone to change both the Soft and Hard clipping diodes as sets, and used sockets to find which combinations of diodes I liked together best.  This is a pretty simple mod, but adds 4 “channels” to your Super Lead (sorta like my DSL….hmm DSL-LSD…wonder where i got the name?).




    For the Deluxe build, I went two steps further.  I added the AfterBlaster boost, as well as the ToneTwEQ.  The AB was pretty straightforward, but the ToneTwEQ required some planning to execute properly.  I had previously used the TwEQ in series with the PlexiPlus circuit, which has no tone controls, but wanted to maintain the integrity of the core SLD circuit by keeping the tone control between the gain and output stages.  The tone knob in the SLD is a passive treble roll-off, sending more high frequencies to ground as you turn it down.  Simply replacing the tone control with the TwEQ wouldn’t achieve the desired control, so, upon examining the schematic, the single through point between the gain stage and the output stage is through the C9 position.  220n basically allows all guitar related frequencies through, and it is positioned after the tone-to-ground placement, so that was the perfect place to send and return the signal to the ToneTwEQ. I omitted C9, checked which lead was coming from the gain section, and sent the signal from there to the input of the TwEQ, and from the out of that back to the other lead for C9.

    I also experimented with a new clipping section, using a J113 JFET driving a 2N7000 MOSFET.

    This is a tough build to cram into a BB – I added some electrical tape near the input jack in case the tip makes contact with the resistors.  I’d probably use a 125BB if I were to do this again.  Also, careful of your jack placements, or you’ll end up like me and have a double input hole (maybe I’ll put some auxiliary leds there to make it pretty…).  Barry, I love your mod boards!  I would like to request one for a footswitch for the AfterBlaster… 😉

    Thanks for checking out my builds! Happy building!


    I SUPER love this!

    Way to employ the Mod boards to create a SUPER versatile Combo build with a small footprint!


    Thanks Barry!  I love the Mod boards, so many options, so little time…keep em coming! 🙂


    Great innovative combo builds, Chris. Maybe you should do a ‘Laughing Sam’s Dice’ build someday …

    Best, mybud


    Thanks mybud!  That’s a cool idea! For something like that I may need to figure out how to cram one of Barry’s Emerald Ring octave circuits in there for the full…Experience. lol  🙂

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