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    Hi all,

    I am starting to work on the killer bee board. Anyone have experience with this one?

    Right away I am seeing a lot of resistor values that I don’t have. So I get curious and I start looking at the schematic. I am seeing R2-R5 have different values in the schematic and the component build list. not sure if this matters or what to do about it.

    I don’t have exact values for some of these. I will probably do some series/parallel wizardry… however, b/c of the discrepancy in the documentation, I’m not sure which is my target value, how close I need to be… and if I err to one side or another, what kind of impact this will have?

    In case it matter, I want to avoid anything that will reduce bass frequencies. and I also use humbuckers.




    The values in either the schematic or the BOM will work – or any value in between those in conflict. Worst-case-scenario, you can socket and see, rather “hear”. Hope this helps.

    I’ll alert Barry of the discrepancies in the BOM and schematic.



    Sorry for the confusion. What Mark said.

    Sometimes were just looking for a common value and you can choose which ever one you have when it is not critical or we will scale. Any value in between will work but you will probably find for 470k to be the more common value for example. I will fix that up though and thanks for pointing it out.



    thanks for the quick replies. I will solder on!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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