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    This is such a fun pedal. It’s a very simple build, no real mods to speak of so it’s just the board as designed. It’s the Hot Chilicon, now discontinued, renamed Sriracha Fuzz. I’ve had it for a while and wanted to build it up but waited and waited. Honestly 2018 was one gigantic holding pattern. But I knew as soon as I started that the graphic for it would have SOMETHING to do with Homer’s adventures and the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper. This image is actually a fraction of a larger piece of fan art commemorating the episode. I may change the knobs to 1610s in red, but I don’t know.

    I didn’t want to wreck any portion of the image with the labels so I boiled them down to just letters. We have Volume, Tone and Gain. With all controls at 12 it’s screaming loud and pretty gnarly. Gain dimed brings us into full on fuzzy glitchy insanity but as soon as you back it off it’s a really great drive. The tone control is usable from full CCW to CW depending on your pickups. And it plays well with the volume knob on the guitar too.

    I’m really happy with how it looks though if I’m honest. The colors don’t show up here with any kind of brilliance like they do in person. This thing shines. Maybe I can shoot a picture in sunlight. The picture looks almost 3D. I hit it with about a half dozen coats of clear enamel and it is SHINY! Feels like it’s coated in hard candy. If this isn’t what I’ve been using before it’s all I want to use now.

    I socketed the two caps for the switch and will just have to play with it for a while to decide if I want to adjust them at all. The “boosted” side is a hair muddy for my taste with humbuckers, so I’ll experiment and decide later. But that’s why we socket!


    Scott Preston

    What a fun looking build Matt.  I dig that circuit. Very versatile and I really dig the poster idea.




    Thanks for the share and super excellent job both inside and out..

    I will try to answer a few questions you had: My suggestion is to use a fatter cap for the Strat (100n) and for the Les Paul a (22n) for a tight tone then this switch simply becomes a very useful Strat (single coil – P90) switch on one side and a Les Paul (Humbucker) switch for the other side with no EQ twiddling. Finally I suggest using the circuit at the Lowest Gain settings for excellent smooth sustaining Fuzz tone with excellent clean-up potential and leave the (Full-Up) setting for very low or “Vintage” output guitars.

    So the result would be with the switch in one position you would have 22n which is nice and tight for the Les Paul and in the other position roughly 122n for allowing just enough more Bass through for the Strat but still tight. (see image). If the 2nd Cap choice is higher then you will simply add additional Bass Pass through Frequency to the math.

    I hope that helps as I have been using this circuit for 8+ years now and remains one of my favorites whether it is the Hot Chilicon of Old or the New SRIRACHA FUZZ of today.


    Awesome! Thanks for the clarification Barry. I have such a huge backlog of GPCB boards that when I go to post my builds they’re occasionally from an era gone by. I’ll make notes of those cap suggestions and play around this weekend when I get a minute.


    Saw it on Facebook Matt great looking build and great circuit

    Nice to see gpcb builds on other forums too






    While unfamiliar with the Chilicon\Sriracha build, I’m loving the enclosure artwork. Nice job.

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