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    A complete “Cornish Style” pedal board made from 100% GuitarPCB Circuits (Hand Etched) by Barry.

    The sounds are as you would expect. Winner of the GuitarPCB Combo Contest (2011).

    Here are some Photos to enjoy.

    Learn all about COMBO BUILDS

    Built by Dave Raehn




    Check please. I’m out.


    What are the circuits used here- or at least an overview of the effects included? This is really something else!



    A/B switch – GuitarPCB Silent Tuner (feeding Ibanez tuner) – GuitarPCB Modified Ross Compressor (MoRC) – Send/Return for Dunlop Wah – GuitarPCB Zenith Drive – GuitarPCB R2G2 (G-02 Animal) – GuitarPCB Lunar Fuzz (D.S.O.T.M.) – GuitarPCB GBOM Ram’s Head (MUFF’n) – GuitarPCB Colortone Overdriver – Send/Return for VP Jr. Volume Pedal – GuitarPCB D’lay – 4 output splitter –  This unit also has brightness control for indicator LEDs to suit different venues.



    Bravo. Thank you for the rundown.



    It is nice. I remember etching all those boards back in the day very well.

    Never again will I be doing that, LOL.



    Wow, I like this build a lot.

    When I first saw it I thought it was interesting, but didn’t have the “Cornish context”.  Having since looked at Pete Cornish’s website and seen the effects boards he’s built for David Gilmore, Roger Waters, Stewart Copeland, Paul Mccartney, Pete Townsend, etc I “get it” now.  Very, very cool.

    This is officially on my to-do list now.  Thanks for sharing.



    Wow, Barry!  That is truly beautiful work.  You set the bar high, sir.

    Edit:  I now see that the board assembly was the 2011 Combo winner.  Kudos to them!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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