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    I still get questions from beginners on how to build a pedal.

    Fortunately GuitarPCB offers dedicated support and a wealth of GUIDES.

    If you go to GuitarPCB’s Home Page you will see a GUIDES BUTTON among four choices.

    See Screen Grab Below:


    On the FORUM HOME PAGE: You will see a large RED Button as well.

    See Screen Grab Below:

    Both of these BUTTON LINKS will take you to the GUIDES PAGE

    There are many reasons why we do not add redundant or “paint by numbers” info to all build documents. So for any tips or innovative ideas please enjoy our Guides Page.

    I am writing this here for anyone reading as a reminder of where this massive amount of information can be found which can assist Members to help Members on the site figure out how to do things. There are years and years worth of compiled information presented in easy to understand PDF Guides and Photos. Also if you see anything in BOLD ORANGE it is likely a link to click on.

    I hope this was helpful.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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