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    Cliff Fulton

    First time building combo using the small GPCB on the

    Switch. Does the switch mount on front label side and soldered on back

    or mount on back and solder on front label side?

    Also if placing LED on gpcb instead of man pcb do you still have to use

    a current limiter resistor where its marked “CLR”







    The 3PDT Wiring board is placed on top silkscreen side up so you will be able to see what is what and also the IN and Out pad sections will line up with the In/Out Jacks.

    If placing your CLR and LED on the 3PDT board then you do not need a CLR on the main board. You only need a CLR directly in the part of the circuit where you are using the LED.

    I think you will find a lot of good help by checking out our Guides Page

    Here are just two guides from the many linked above:

    The Combo Build Guide courtesy of Playsforfun.

    The Combo Build Thread with examples



    Cliff – to clarify any ambiguity on the CLR question . . . .  If the indicator LED is going to be on the 3PDT PCB, then the CLR on that 3PDT PCB must be used and neither the LED or CLR on the circuit board need be used. If the LED is going to be used on the circuit board, then the CLR on the circuit board must be used. The LED and CLR on the 3PDT PCB would be redundant when the circuit board is using the LED and CLR. The CLR must used on the same board as the LED resides. Hope that helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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