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    Hello gang,  I have an interesting one for you.

    I made a G-02 Animal for a friend.  He loved it.  As of recently he claims that it has very low buffered output all of a sudden.  It was fine but now it cuts the volume significantly when bypassed.  When the pedal is on it sounds great.

    I am picking it up tonight, but just wanted to get a head start on trying to diagnose this thing.

    Since it worked and now it doesn’t, I am assuming I should check cold solder joints at the following locations, and the switch:

    R1 to R8, C1 to C4, Q1, R38 & R39, R41 and C22.

    Also, would a switch failure cause a low output? Or when switches fail do they just quit?

    If I can’t figure it out I will post internal shots tonight.

    Thanks in advance!


    If I understand you correctly, the pedal works fine when the effect is activated.  But it looses volume when deactivated.  As the buffer is part of the circuit used when the pedal is active, I think that it is functioning properly.

    When the foot switch disconnects the circuit, it connects the buffer from switch lugs S2 to S3 then through the jumper to S9 to S8.  As the buffer appears to be working properly when engaged, I suspect that the issue may be a faulty foot switch or a bad connection from S3 to S9.

    I hope this helps.


    Yes, that helps immensely.  You may have just saved me a ton of work/hassle

    Pedal works fine when activated cuts volume by about 50% volume when deactivated.  The rest of the pedals work fine with it out of the chain, once it is put in the chain volume drop.

    I bet it is the switch.   It’s about time I have had one of those fail on me, lol.


    Well, it wasn’t the switch and it wasn’t or a bad connection…..

    but putting a 7.5 ohm resistor in R6 instead of a 7.5k resistor might have something to do with it.

    I don’t even know why I own 7.5 ohm resistors, lol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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