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    Big O

    I went to Mammoth Electronics website yesterday to purchase a few odd and end parts. Mammoth was a supplier of full Guitar PCB kits, which I utilized many times in the past.  Unfortunately, I was met with the following:  “Effective October 11th, 2019 Mammoth Electronics will no longer be taking orders online.  We are in final talks for a business acquisition.  Mammoth is committed to completing all current open orders, and will be in contact with everyone awaiting their orders ASAP.  Thank you.”

    This does not sound good to me.  I wonder if they will continue to exist as an ongoing enterprise.  I purchased many of my parts and supplies from them, and never had any major issue.  Unfortunately all good things will come to an end.

    Anyone who has used them as a place to source parts may have to look elsewhere in the future.


    Mammoth is in the process of being “obtained” by another entity. No real information yet as to what “entity” that may be. Over the last year, their quality of customer service has declined steadily and hopefully the new owners will correct that – hopefully Guitar PCB will be able to re-strike an arrangement. Time will tell.


    Mammoth only supplied a few PCBs of ours as kits.

    I fully endorse PedalPartsandKits who do an excellent job drilling the enclosure so it is suited to each and every board while also making sure all the parts are included. PedalPartsandKits take the extra time to individually hand drill each enclosure to be aligned perfectly to suit each and every unique board we carry.

    Additionally purchasing parts for me is always done through the likes of Mouser, Digikey, Small Bear and PedalPartsPlus who are all in the USA and have excellent prices. I realize Mouser has a slight “filter learning curve” but it is really pretty easy considering the vast amount of items they carry. Any oddball pedal stuff if not available at Mouser or Digikey can almost always be found at Small Bear and PedalPartsPlus. Mouser now offers a 1st class shipping option as well.

    Big O

    I didn’t know about all the problems you had with them Barry.  Maybe you can work with the new owners if they continue to sell pedal parts, and maybe they could offer your boards alone, but it is just easier for me ordering them from Guitar PCB.  I like supporting independent small businessmen and I feel a bit of kinship since you live close to where I went to college (used to drive through your town on the way to go skiing).

    I can say I only had a couple of small problems over the years with mammoth, but their enclosures were always fine.  I just discovered that an MPSA13 transistor I ordered from them a couple of years ago was not a transistor, but instead a voltage regulator.  I don’t know how that happened, but they didn’t even sell that type of part.

    Fortunately I have a bunch of spare parts such as transistors, caps, resistors and hardware other than enclosures.  Looks like I will have to learn how to use Mouser’s site.  I have used others such as Small Bear, PPP, etc. so hopefully obtaining reasonably priced parts won’t be a problem.



    My last enclosure order with Mammoth was drilled incorrectly.  It took several phone calls and two more weeks to get a replacement.  I haven’t mentioned this until now since I dislike bad mouthing a DIY supplier.  I hope the new owner will do better.

    Barry W Davis

    PedalPartsPlus has gone to a minimum enclosure order of 25



    Anyone have suggestions for where to purchase smaller enclosure orders at a reasonable price? I was just about to order 4 – 1590BB’s from PPP, doooh!


    Many of us seem to be overlooking Small Bear who are an awesome DIY Pedal Parts provider from NY and have just about everything and they are very much worth supporting.

    Here is another direct link to enclosures: LINK


    I’ll put my 2 cents in. Mammoth did a good job at very good prices but I echo the comment about the decline in both service and parts not being in stock often. I am concerned to hear that Pedal Parts Plus May have a minimum finished enclosure number. I had not experienced that but it’s been a year since I ordered one from them. Love My Switches is a great source for switches, jacks, DC power jacks and has a good price on prefinished black and white enclosures. Small Bear is also great. Mouser is difficult to navigate for me still but I do use them for a lot of parts, especially MLCC caps and oddball pots, etc.   I hate to see any small business go belly up, especially one I used as much as Mammoth (I got to GPCB through purchasing my first pedal kit through them).  Again, just my 2 cents worth.


    I was looking for info on where to source finished enclosures and discovered this thread. I previously ordered finished powder coated enclosures from Mammoth and PedalPartsPlus. I’ve contacted PedalPartsPlus and they do indeed now have a minimum of 25 on finished enclosures. I’m not looking for any unusual colors; lately I’ve been trying to use grey or silver 1590BBs for Klones and SS-2s. Basic colors like black and white are pretty easy to come by. I have tried Tayda with very mixed results, mostly negative. I had a couple bad finishes from them and they replaced them right away, but the next time it happened they were unwilling to help. A couple turned out fine, but mostly there have been too many irregularities and issues like finish chipping during drilling. I’m set up to drill my own enclosures, but I don’t want to get into learning how to powder coat. Does anyone have any other suggestion about where to purchase finished enclosures? Like others, I’m hoping something positive will come out of the Mammoth aqusition. And finally, will there be a restock of the GuitarPCB DBDT wiring boards? I’ve been using them a lot and I’m almost out.


    Again if you are willing to drill your own (which is not that bad) I point to Small Bear who have at least 9 unique colorsas well as black and white. Here is the info:

    “Many of us seem to be overlooking Small Bear who are an awesome DIY Pedal Parts provider from NY and have just about everything and they are very much worth supporting.”

    Here is a direct link to enclosures: LINK

    As for boards that are out of stock if you purchase at least 10 of the regular size boards or 25 of the smaller mod boards I can include them in my next order. Use the Contact Me form to inquire. I can also offer a slight discount for multi-board ordering.

    Big O

    I am revisiting this post and agree about Mammoth not quite getting things right.  After testing my new Fuzz circuit and then starting a vero build (first one ever as in another one of my posts on this forum) I was testing each component as I added them to the veroboard in order to make sure everything was the correct values according to the schematic.  I got to the last capacitor in the build and discovered the cap in the Mammoth supplied plastic bag labled as 0.022uF measured 0.22uF.  Sure enough, when I got out the magnifying glass the part code was 224J.  It should have been 223J.  Fortunately I had a spare 0.022uF cap in my parts bin (fishing tackle box).

    I put everything back on the breadboard to test it out and the tone control, the part of the circuit where the cap was located, actually worked way better than it had previously.  It certainly helps to test each component to verify it is correct before soldering!  This is not the first time the part was labeled incorrectly from Mammoth.  I also had a supposed MPSA18 transistor that turned out to be a voltage regulator.  These mistakes were made on my last two orders with Mammoth.

    Hopefully I will have the new fuzz boxed up and working in a couple of weeks.

    And I have also used Small Bear several times in the past and my experience with them has been excellent!



    DJ Martins

    Has anyone used Tayda Electronics for parts?

    They sell from a website and ebay and I’ve gotten some stuff from them.

    Recently I saw they sell drilled aluminum enclosures and even have some powder coated ones:


    Seems to sell only white and black but with Barry’s photopaper method that will work fine.

    I believe they sell from Thailand but those prices look good and worth a long wait for me and the components I’ve

    used from them were ok.


    I have purchased several enclosures from Tayda. The quality has been inconsistent, at best. The first time I noticed some serious flaws in the powder coating I contacted them, sent some photos and they replaced them. The second time it happened they were not interested in standing behind their work. I drill my own, so I was pleased to see some color options. At the price, if you don’t mind some flaws, and/or tossing the defective ones, they are OK. If you only need black and white there are better options out there. I hope this helps.

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