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    Robert Paul

    I wanted to try using veroboard for building projects that I can’t utilize a GuitarPCB board.  I do have a couple of GBOF builds in the works, but right now I have the following circuit on the breadboard and want to make it a useable pedal in the box.  It is a fuzz that runs on a AA battery (1.5V).  Because of this I can’t use an LED by keeping the circuit simple (no modding a 9V power supply to 1.5V output).  I plan to use a simple 2PDT switch since I don’t need to waste a perfectly good 3PDT switch.

    Below is the schematic.

    My veroboard layout, which is the first I have ever attempted.  Any advice and constructive criticism is welcome.  Green connections are for my own visulation, helping me tie the components together in my own mind.  Black lines are the actual connections to the board.

    Wiring diagram for the pedal using a single battery power source.  I believe this is correct.  If not, please let me know where I screwed up.  I am also thinking about using a 1M pulldown resistor in the circuit.  I believe I can add this to the input wire from the footswitch and run it to ground.

    This fuzz sounds a lot like the Messenger guitar fuzz in that Mark Farner used in the early Grand Funk days.

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