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    Hi all! Once again I’m asking for your advice. After doing an inventory of my components I have the correct number of resistors. However, the R12 6k8 resistor is not to be found. The packing included two of the R16 1k8 resistors. If I have to pick up the extra resistor, so be it. Both of these resistors affect the D1 and D2 respectively. My understanding of electronics is in its early stages at this time. I am unaware if installing both of the included 1k8 in the R12 and R16 terminals would be detrimental to the integrity of the pedal/LEDs or if i can continue the build for the time being sans R12 resistor until I can acquire it. If photos or extra info are necessary I can provide them. Thanks!



    D1 forms part of the LFO circuit R12 should be between 6K8 and 10K it also provides a rate LED flashing in time with the LFO speed a 1K8 here would provide too much voltage at Q4 collector if you have a value between 6K8 and 10K in your stock use that for R12 rather than a 1K8

    From the build doc:

    R12 can be increased from 6k8 to 10k if you feel you need a stronger effect. This is related to the LFO

    If you are using the most up to date build document it also contains a circuit breakdown explaining what each stage does which is great to learn a little about what the circuit components do


    Thank you for that advice, Billy! I’m definitely trying to read through everything but I definitely missed that. Turns out they added an extra 10k in the packaging  so I will do that. I did just come across another minor issue. I have both a 9v battery terminal and power supply 9v. I would like to use the power supply for this, would I be correct in assuming I use the same connections used in the schematic for the battery for the supply? After reading, I did not see a clear indication of this. If I missed something, I apologize. Thanks again for your help!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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