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    Was bored the other day and decided to try the DVF I built with some analog synths and drone synths I had built in the past…and was pleasantly surprised with the results and that gave birth to an idea to build another synth with the DVF wired in the same enclosure.  If I do this, I would not be interested in bypassing the DVF, it would just be after the synth in the signal path.

    I have stared at the picture of the board and tried to figure out how to jumper the 3PDT section of the board to just omit the switch but I can’t get my head around it.  I have a board on order so maybe with a DMM and some experimenting I could get it figured out but thought I would reach out to the forum and see if anyone had the quick answer in advance…



    Connect your signal IN to the “T” pad on the IN section.  Connect the output of the DVF to the “T” pad of the OUT section.

    Do you have a +9V supply?  If your synth is running at a higher voltage, you may need to drop your supply.  The DVF may run OK at +12V or even +15V if the capacitors are rated at a voltage 1 1/2 times the supply voltage.  Just connect power and ground to the board.  The 3PDT switch is not needed.


    I forgot to mention the switch positions on the board.  Add jumpers between the 1-2 and the 7-8 positions.  That will make the circuit active all the time.


    Thanks for the information…exactly what I was looking for…how to jumper the switch positions.  Staring at the picture I could not visualize it.

    All my DIY synth stuff is running with a 9v supply…very simple stuff and mainly noisemakers and drone synths (40106 and 4093 CMOS based).  I tend to pass on building stuff that calls for the +12/-12 an +15/-15 volts.

    I have several filters I have built, active and passive, but I really enjoyed playing around with the DVF.  I am going to experiment with different clipping diodes on this next build and see what that may do.  It looks like I just used 4148’s on the one I built previously.

    Thanks again for the help!


    We have the new “Hot off the Press” 2020 version just released:


    Here is the v2020 Build Document which can also be located on the Guides Page Master List.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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