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    I recently completed my version of GuitarPCB’s “DSOTM Fuzz”. Modified by adding clear pot shafts and clear knobs with slow-color-cycling LEDs beneath each of the pot shafts. I was able to circumvent the noise introduced by the color-cycling LEDs by adding a couple of caps (100nF & 0.1nF) to both sides of the DC input to the clear pot-shaft daughterboards. The noise is now gone and the unit is dead quiet when engaged with no signal coming in. The photos were taken before I added the noise canceling caps.

    I just tested it out with my Strat thru a Line 6 Spider Jam and also thru a Vox MV50 – it sounds great. I also put a GuitarPCB “MoRCv3” compressor in front of it; while it’s not a super-fuzzy unit with the compressor, just a nicely subtle, (yet definitive), long, lingering fuzz.

    I couldn’t find a 1K pot with a clear shaft so I used an available 5K and dropped a 2.7K resistor across pins 1 & 3 of that 5K pot and it works a treat.

    After I get the mess around my bench cleaned up, (from all the trouble-shooting I had to do on this pedal – it had a wonky Q1 that gave me fits and replacing that cleared the final issues), I’ll make a video, post it up on YouTube and share it.

    What I love about this pedal is the idea I had to use the clear-shafted pots and color-cycling LEDs underneath them. The added bonus is that the ultra-microchip inside each of the color-cycling LEDs is that they do NOT stay in synch and after a few color rotations they all rotate thru their different colors, cycling thru their respective colors at an ever-so-slightly different rate. Awesome IMO.

    Thanks for reading and happy building. (Obligatory circuit porn follows.)















    Great work and a great light show!


    Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to lay it all out so we can all see the process involved!


    Wilkie, Barry – Thanks for the kudos. Always happy to share. I’m rather excited about the photo-journaling I’m doing for the Animal\SS-02 combo build I’m working on. There are so many measurements to get dead-on to get it all into 1590BB enclosure and with the all the daughter-boards & graphics, it’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated because . . . .  Oh! Look! Another build I want to do! Durn squirrels are everywhere. LOL!


    Brilliantly done. This was the very first build I ever did and I still come back to it because it nails the tone of the solo in Time. I accidentally reversed my Input and Output jacks and still haven’t managed to go back in and fix them… Beautiful work as always. Looking forward to your future builds Mark.

    Scott Preston

    Great work as always and I love the photo-journal effort.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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