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    A day before its official release, I got to build and try out the new DSOTM Fuzz 2018 PCB. It’s virtually the same as the DSTOM_2, but this new one has no no stomp switch placement and has on-board pot placement. I built precisely as the BOM listed, except for C4 – I did not have a 5n6 film cap and instead used a 6n8 film cap. I noticed no difference in the response of the “Body” control with the 6n8 cap compared to my earlier build of the DSOTM.

    I wanted to test the new board out quickly, so instead of putting it in an enclosure, I just ‘frankensteined’ the I/O jacks & pots, and didn’t use a stomp switch or LED. It worked right out of the chute with excellent response to my Strat’s volume control. I also inadvertently wired the “Brite” pot backwards, but it still performed nicely, only in reverse. 😉

    I also threw a few different BC109s on it. With socketed Q positions, I tried some high gain (~700) BC109Cs and it sounded great. Then I tried some lower gain BC109s (~280) and it still sounded great. I even went as far as gain-staging the Qs with an increasing gain per Q position – Q1 ~ 180; Q2 ~ 240 and Q3 ~ 570 – it still sounded great with no discernible difference in volume, tone or control. (I didn’t do any scope readings.)

    In my opinion, Barry did a great job of making a near-no-brainer PCB on which to build a great fuzz pedal foundation. I’m going to remove all the hardware from this test build and use off board 9mm pots with transparent shafts and house a 3mm color-cycling LED beneath each and top the shafts off with with transparent knobs to add a corny light-show to the pedals’ fail result.

    I have a demo of the previous DSOTM build (with the colored pots shafts) here:


    And here are the shots of the build process on this new DSOTM Fuzz 2018 . . . .


    Population before soldering . . . .


    Close up of the completed component soldering and temp I/O connections. (Not trannies are socketed.When I settle on which specific trannies to use, I’ll tac-solder them in place so I can solder wick out any solder to do an easy swap if ever required.) I may even go so far as to to remove the bias resistors and replace them with sockets so I can play with germanium NPN transistors instead of silicon. No idea how that will pan out. Will definitely report back on that.


    All soldered up and ready to rock. (Note there is no stop switch or LED – it’s a straight-up hard-wired job for initial testing.)


    What a super build review!  That sure covers a lot of ground and and answers many questions.  Many thanks!


    Excellent job and I love the way you take time to share your thoughts with photos.

    Posting photos on this forum is quite a breeze.

    Building up a prototype board before its release is always fun. Thanks for the thoughtful build post.

    Incidentally we welcome build posts from all.

    The new board is now available for purchase while supplies last:


    Note you can get the board and NOS BC109C 3-Packs separately as of this writing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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