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    Happy New Year. Where do you guys get your drill guides? The builds I see some of you do are so good. My drilling is always a bit wonky and occasionally I have to discard an enclosure because the drilling is so bad. Thanks in advance. Barry, thanks for the swag on my last order.


    I use gimp for mine

    If it’s on-board pots I use the guide in the build doc for measurements then always print it on paper or card to check it fits before committing to drilling

    Basically it’s measure everything several times to make sure it all lines up and your labelling won’t be obscured by pots, washers etc

    I usually use paper tape to draw horizontal and vertical centre lines to get it nicely centered and a square rule, digital caliper and centre punch and always drill 3mm pilot holes

    The best men to answer this are Cybercow, Wilkie and Playsforfun all of whom have completed complex builds with lots or drilling also Chuck and Dan who’ve recently put up some nice builds



    To be completely honest, I do not use drill guides\templates. While I may build projects with the PCB-attached hardware where they were originally so designed to be, I always use the artwork I create in Photoshop to determine where my drill holes need to be. I do a great deal of measuring, re-measuring, test prints, drawing adjusts and more measuring to be as precise as possible with hardware placement on the enclosure. This often means I have to adjust and re-adjust the created labeling to ensure the knobs, washers & such such don’t interfere with legibility. If I were into multiples of a single project, I’d more inclined to have developed guides (templates). But I do everything by hand.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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