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    hello, everyone! it’s been a long time, but i used to be a member here on the old site/forum and also at byoc. i haven’t built anything in about 8-9 years now, but i’m planning on heating up the iron again soon. for the last four years, all of my playing was done on a line 6 pod hd500. it has been rough not using my pedalboard or getting any pedals made.

    for those that don’t know me, i typically play guitar for church wherever i live, but i’m also a big fan of explosions in the sky and pink floyd. i enjoy pristine tone, but i also love more ambient, wall of sound type stuff as well. i play a gibson les paul dc standard and an epiphone riviera p93, but i’ve also been building a strat from warmoth for the last 11 years. i know that’s a crazy amount of time to be working on a guitar, but i have 5 kids, so cut me some slack. 😉

    i’m looking forward to building some dirt pedals that will go nicely on my pedalboard for worship music, but i’m sure i’ll build some other fun stuff as well. i have a ton of components i need to organize and quite a few old board from back in the day. i think i’m going to start with a t-drive, ts ultra, blues buster, and super sonic 02. maybe i’ll even build them into a single box…

    any tips on what circuits would stack well together for a slightly dirty clean, mild overdrive, and medium gain stage? or suggestions on circuit order if i were to combine them in a single box?


    thanks in advance. it’s good to be back here again. i’m looking forward to more builds and seeing what you all do as well.



    Welcome back to the addiction Cap

    Whilst I’m not an authority on stacking pedals I was googling a list of the best sustain pedals yesterday and through that came across articles on stacking pedals that might be interesting for you


    With regard to what comes first in a combo there’s always the two easy order switching pcbs giving you the best of both with either a 3PDT toggle or 4PDT footswitch to easily change so that either can come first or second




    Big O

    I suppose an MKC in the chain might fit the bill, but I have not auditioned mine yet as it needs to be built, which it will in the next few months.  Therefore, I can’t be of much use.  I started with a BYOC ESV Ge Fuzz Face because at the time, there were not any Ge FF’s on the market that were less than $100.  I thought, well I build this one off stock pedal and be done with it.  Unfortunately, it became an addiction and I started building more stock pedals, then modded versions, and finally started building some pedals of my own design based on known circuit schematics and modifying them. I now have perfboard, veroboard and lots of component parts for playing around with circuits.  It is a great hobby, even for those of us who don’t play out in public anymore.

    It was on the BYOC forum when posing a question that someone pushed me in the direction of GuitarPCB and I am sure glad they did.  The circuits are great and Barry is a wonderful person to deal with!


    Oy, Hi Cap how the heck are you?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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