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    I’ve built the D’lay (with tap add-on board) and absolutely love the pedal.  I have one piece that is not working and I need some help finding the area of possible problems.  Basically, the entire pedal works at it should, the ONLY part not functioning correctly is the “Speed Cycle” SPST toggle switch (Labeled S2 on the tap tempo board)…which doesn’t function at all.  If someone can point to me exactly where on the boards I need to check in order to check this one piece, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Like I said, the pedal works 100% minus this one point.  I’ve check the toggle switch and it is functional by itself, so the switch is not the issue.  I’m just not sure which points on the board I should check that would directly route into this area.

    Here’s links the PCBs:

    I’ll post some pictures of the board if you need, but I’m really just asking generically if you can look to tell me which point in the PCB route to the S2 port, then I’ll test from there.  Thank you!!


    The SW2 is a SPST switch that connects pin 7 of IC1 (the Taptation chip) to ground when closed.  Read the last note in the build instructions that explains that this switch may not have any effect unless certain conditions are present.  To confirm that it is connected, check to make sure you have continuity between pin 7 and ground when the switch is closed.


    Thank you so much! I’ll get right on it.


    You’re a life saver!  I plugged it up to an amp and cranked the depth all the way up and once I switched on the Speed Cycle, I head some heavy sweeping modulation.  I can’t believe after all this time it was actually working! That’s amazing news.  Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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